private investor, 2016 summer house near Zadar

Basic building orientation is SE.

It is in accordance with the existing (planned) urbanism and is trying to be a compromise between the position of the sun on one side and the sight of the city with the protection of the wind ‘bura’.

How should a modern summer house look like?

Ordinary family house with a floor plan of 100 m2 on a plot of 600 m2?

‘Ordinary’ summer rental house with a floor plan of 300 m2 on a plot of 600 m2, with not enough parking places and with arches as a design sign?

Modern box shape house with big window screens facing the best views?

Or is it a classical summer mansion. Like those we can find in the area of Dubrovnik. With a front garden and a central corridor toward and through mansion into back intimate garden.

Summer house is a mixture of words: light / shadow, pine tree / palm tree, smell / view, sun / sea / pool

A garden that contains everything but modest in appearance.

Concept design

Terrain is a slope falling NW to SE.

A garden with minimal paving, and autochthonous plants which demands minimal maintenance.

In the center of a garden is built BASE partially dig into the ground. It contains living spaces, exterior and interior and the pool. It has no design elements, only the materiality of a concrete textures made like stone.

On the base is simple white house volume containing bedrooms.