private investor, 2020, located in the Zadar


After visiting the site, we realized that the basic task is to establish intimate relationships within the house, even though we are in a non-intimate environment.

The location itself has a spatial quality that is unusual; two 20-30 meter approaches to the plot whose spatial strength is felt even in this average environment. The southern (pedestrian) approach is almost Renaissance one, while in combination with the northern (car) approach it becomes more casual Mediterranean story, with the idea that the house can or should have two stories / narratives / sides.

The concept shows two renaissance summer houses from Dubrovnik. They are a historical link and conceptual heritage. Their quality is the micro-urban setting and the strong and clear relationship between the house and the garden.

… it starts by entering the Mediterranean garden which directs you towards the summer house (mansion house). You enter the mansion centrally in the largest room. Opposite the entrance is a new entrance / exit by which you enter the back Mediterranean garden…

In an attempt to create intimacy, we draw a plot within a plot, a house within a courtyard, with the intention of being both classic and modern, strict and relaxed, built and natural, renaissance and Mediterranean…

A courtyard one storey high is placed on the plot, in which the house is placed. The courtyard is our new plot, while everything outside it becomes an environment that is not arranged but left in its natural state.

Courtyard is also the house. Inside and out are not strictly separated. Olives and other Mediterranean plants that do not require much maintenance are planted in the space between the walls of the courtyard and the plot border. In the northern part there are additional parking spaces.

The court is divided into three zones:

– south court

– inner house

– north court

Courts (southern and northern) in their articulation and materialization can take on different forms and functions.

We decided that the south courtyard should be filled with a void, materializing in the surface of the pool and several different floor surfaces and one tree in the centre. The court has only one central door that leads out to the village. The north court is more natural. As the access to the plot is from the side, so is the entrance to the court is from the side. After parking the car, in the wild urbanism of the surrounding buildings, one enters the intimate space of summer comfort. The court consists of a covered part next to the house and an open garden densely filled with Mediterranean plants.