private investor, 2019, located on the island near Zadar


One of the main goals was to achieve a close and essential relationship between the house and the garden in such a way that they both became the extension of each other. That suggests large glazed windows. But we didn’t wanted to have a glass house. Instead, a house with big white walls. Mediterranean is in whiteness of walls and a good proportion of windows. Window must be an addition to the wall, and not the opposite.

We tried different concept, but given the size of the plot we agreed to make a compact house. With the placement of windows that let enough greenery inside. Perimeter olive trees must be preserved. Parking plot or a garage space must be on the north side. Entrance approx. in the middle to get a nice layout. And placing living area facing south and opening it from northeast to southwest.

This idea is developed through a volumetric composition shaped in three boxes. Two separated boxes on a ground floor, over which is third box on a first floor.

The space separating ground floor boxes, is corridor that is on one side covered entrance and on other covered morning terrace.

The smaller ground floor box accommodates the main bedroom with bathroom, small guest toilet, and a storage place. Bigger ground floor box accommodates the living area. And in between is a corridor that connects everything. The upper box accommodates two rooms and bathrooms and a jacuzzi space.

Jacuzzi space is designed as an outdoor space. It is covered place with a roof window just above.

Layout is in rhomboid. It derived from the shape of a plot. In volumetric composition it looks nice. In the organization of the floor plan is not experienced as a home with slope walls or rhomboid layout.

Volumetric concept is emphasized by a facade cut that separates all three boxes. Just a technical detail in the construction, but an essential detail in the final look of the house.

The upstairs box and the living room box end with an accent frame as a covered terrace, both facing south. In order to be more in harmony with the environment and not too strong in appearance in design, we made two shifts. The accentuated ground floor frame has been reshaped by rotating one wall, giving a quieter appearance to the house while also letting light from the southwest into the terrace and into the interior. The accent frame of the upstairs terrace is shaped by the addition of new material or layer. The construction of the sun protection is made of wooden or metal interconnected slats, which, in addition to the role of sun protection, achieve the intimacy of staying in the semi-shaded area of the terrace or jacuzzi space.

The only different material we add to a house that is made up of white wall only is wood paneling. It appears as an L wall element on the street portion of the storage box and introduces you to the entrance terrace. It adds refinement and warmth to the house and suggests that wood will be an element in the interior as well.