private investor, 2020, located on the island near Zadar


One of the main goals was to achieve a close and essential relationship between the house and the outer space. As was agreed in first talks; openness of the house must connect northeast and southeast exterior. Placing pine trees on both ends.

In terms of location, we are located at the end of the village, in front of the sea, and surrounding by pine trees. We wanted to get a compact house, but also given the location, we are convinced that it must be both minimalistic and playful at the same time. Minimalistic strictness at the end of the village would be autistic and perhaps arrogant.

The basic idea of the house is a volumetric composition of three boxes. Two separated boxes on a ground floor, over which is third box on a first floor. The garage (additional space) is not designed as an object but as a space under natural terrain.

The larger box on the ground floor is the main box. It begins and ends with covered terraces at both ends. It houses an open living area, with a kitchen and dining area at the back, and a seating area at the front facing the sea.

The smaller box has a shift in geometry, to gain on playfulness and design freedom. It houses the entrance area with mini storage and master bedroom.

With the shift of the smaller box we got the space between boxes on the sea facade, which is 90 cm in size and expands. Here we place the main bathroom shower fully glazed towards the sea. Vertical lamellas are placed in front of the glass to prevent outside views. We think it’s very summery, zen, exciting, maybe extravagant…

The upper box houses three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is simple in appearance and design.

Although we talked about large glass surfaces on the upper floor, and although we also prefer large glass surface, we think that this might be extravagant given the size of the room, and given the design impression, and given that this is a space where you will mostly sleep. Each room has a double French window in front of which is uncovered terrace. It is imagined that the floor surface is covered with gravel.